jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Final Proyect level 5

My student Life

My life as a student is a bit complicated because not only would say I have to study, work also is certainly something you should be very tiring perseverance and dedication, study industrial engineering.
URBE ​​is one of the most comprehensive universities in the city and the safest.

sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

My Errands

Monday to Friday I get up at half past six. (6:30 am) and go to college, go to work at one-treintra (1:30 pm) until eight-thirty (8:30 pm) study or review the class the next day. weekends I get up later but I have to work just like I take to realixar pending activities, help my mother in the house. soil usually get very exhausted at night.

My neighborhood

My neighborhood is quiet but lately is invaded, not much traffic, is a place for insurance is easily accessible to public transport, good and bad neighbors as elsewhere, you can go shopping because there are different shops near , bakeries, pharmacies, etc..

Description of family

My parents are married, living together, my father works as a driver he serves as the regional companies, Monaca etc. My mother is a housewife works. I grew up with my family. my older brother is married, works and has two beautiful daughters, I'm not married I have a beautiful baby and my younger brother works and studies like me.

The Pirates (maracaibo)

The story tells that once established as a city Maracaibo governed by Spanish, began trade through its ports, so that immediately appeared pirate attacks.

Legend has it that beneath the city there are three tunnels linking strategic locations and emblematic of the powers that existed at the time. The Cathedral (built in the seventeenth century), the Municipal House (now the governor of Zulia state) and the third is unknown although there are tens of assumptions.

They were built to escape the pirates and so safeguard the lives of its inhabitants and its riches, the three tunnels flow into the lake, but in recent times has not made any statement regarding the veracity of this information by the authorities.

Urban Legends

The Twins
It is said that between twins is a special bond that when something happens to one the other can feel it. An extreme case is what will happen to the girls in this spooky urban legend ...
There were two twin sisters who get along very well, like they were born to be friends, never fought, rarely discussed, shared everything they could, had the same likes and dislikes and even dressed like that.

All his life had been in a quiet neighborhood, a residential area set away from the hustle own as many parts of the city. Though now for work, her mother had told them they should move to an area outside the city, a part where there was more activity and therefore should be more careful.
Thus came a day when the mother called from work and, unlike so many other days, girls had to cross a fairly busy street alone. As they crossed the street hundreds of times with her, the mother thought she could stop worrying about her daughters and told them they had to go fast and they could cross alone without problem as long as they look to either side and well attentive to automobiles.

The girls followed the advice of the mother and this followed his course with his back, but no sooner had walked a few feet, he heard a terrible noise, something like the noise made by a coconut to break.

They were his daughters, lying on the floor with their heads crushed and the brains scattered with shards of bone. In the distance a truck fled at full speed, the driver probably distracted by the phone or perhaps after having taken a couple of drinks when food, rolled without even slowing down. The reckless driver to feel the little bodies crushed under the wheels of the truck accelerated and not only not aided, but it also endangered other drivers who might have an accident when crossed with him in his desperate flight. Unfortunately everyone was so shocked that no one had time to write down your license plate so escaped unpunished.

The mother wept uncontrollably in the middle of stopped traffic, shouted and waved their little bodies as if waiting to get up again and offered him one of his smiles. How can overcome the loss of your little angels just eight years?

They say time is the best remedy and it was ... He was young, just about 28 years and a couple of years later, she was again pregnant. Twist of fate had twins again: the problem is that I could not quite forget his daughters died, especially because in some way or another their new twins, who now had just the age-died earlier reminded him of his first daughters.
They had so much in common that sometimes even the name was wrong in calling them and burst into tears when remembering...

But this time for the world to neglect it’s small. The was forbidden to cross the street alone.
One day however he saw while playing in the park near his house were getting too close to the street and, terrified, I screamed to a halt, to which they replied in unison:
No cross-thought, and once we run over here and will not happen again ...